An aquaponic structure is inserted into the front yard of a suburban Brisbane home. It’s raised above a lush understorey, and is occupiable as a piazza. The aquaponics mechanism follows water movement, along grounded concrete channels into raised grow beds above. It offers a case study in urban agriculture. The built form was developed through archetypal references to roman aqueducts and the notion of a piazza to create a communal space. It celebrated personal reflections of trips to regional Japan and the concrete agriculture there against a respect for the work of Carlo Scarpa. It seeks to be a scaffold from which vegetation can grow and overcome it. Expression in tectonics through balustrade and materials such as copper create a diaphanous graft for landscape to take hold. The sound of water is likened to the mechanical noises of a large apparatus. It provides a tranquil backdrop for the occupant. The aquaponic beds are raised above the undercroft they create and make a stage looking back into the courtyard and audaciously out onto the street.